Buy or redeem vouchers

Great as a gift. Vouchers can be bought and redeemed on our booking portal.

How to buy vouchers

Vouchers for river trips can be bought directly from our booking portal. You will receive an electronic voucher that can be printed out and given to someone or the e-voucher sent to another person. These vouchers can be transferred (given) to others as presents and do not have to be used by the person who bought them.

These can be for any amount so that when redeemed the person can bring friends or family to the amount of the voucher.


Couples birthday present - Metrolink trip

How to redeem vouchers

To redeem a voucher just follow the normal booking process:

  • Go to the activity page, read the information to check it is the activity you want.

  • Click on the 'Book now' button, this will take you to our booking portal.

  • Click on 'Redeem a voucher' and then input your unique code as part or full payment.

  • When redeeming the voucher, the total amount in the basket can be larger than the voucher value, and then the buyer must pay the extra.

  • If the value of the voucher is more than the value of the basket contents (number of boats selected). Then there is 'no change given' - another voucher for the difference is not automatically generated.