For young and old

Archery sessions

1 1/4 hour archery sessions

Real bows, real arrows, real targets and real fun!

Our purpose built archery range accommodates 2 groups of approx. 10 people. This is popular as a Party activity (mixed with another activity), or done as a stand-alone session for Adults, family & friends groups.

Click on the 'Booking options' button to see activity options, dates, then book and pay.

If you cannot find the date you are interested in. Or want to do archery as part of a larger day (party), then please contact us to discuss your group size and dates (evenings, weekends, holiday times).

Archery Sessions

Yes - but.. No alcohol can be consumed before or during the activity.

This is for the safety of your participants and our staff. These are real bows and arrows and the arrows can puncture body parts deeply.

We have bows that are small enough for 8 year olds and adult bows for any age - so you're never too old :)

We don't recommend trying our archery with children younger than 8 y.o. because the bows are then taller than the child and they are very hard to draw the string back. It takes finger and shoulder strength to draw back the string and then hold it whilst you aim. This is why the session are only about 1 hour long - it is tiring and can hurt the fingers. We do have finger protectors on our small bows.

Yes - The archery range has a covered and enclosed seating/standing area.