Holiday Clubs

Our Kids Holiday Club has been running for years and is loved by kids and parents. Attracting comments from parents like “I love your holiday Club, my child comes home full of stories, eats all their dinner and then falls asleep!” It’s like sending your child to an Activity Centre for a week but a lot cheaper. Drop off and pick up around work times. They can come for a day, a week or multiple weeks.

Who is it for?

  • Year 3-8 for Whit Week and Summer Weeks
  • Year 4-8 for Easter and Half Term Oct.
  • Children who don’t mind running around in woods, getting muddy or wet or falling down.
  • Children that attend are really sociable and no bullying, bad language or over-roughness is allowed.

Rough outline of week

This is an outline of the week’s activities but this timetable can change due to numbers booked on and the weather. So no guarantee.

Monday: Icebreakers, Model raft race, archery, kayak games.
Tuesday: Teamwork challenges, bike games, canoeing games, climbing games.
Wednesday: woodland games (camouflage, capture the flag), Canoe & kayak journey to Northenden.
Thursday: Bushcraft: Shelter building, fire lighting, cordage.
Friday: River Tame canoe expedition, circus skills, handicrafts.

Follow the fun on Facebook

We upload photos of the activities each evening so you can see what your kids are talking about.

Drop off: We accept drop-offs from 8:30am. Activities start at 9am
Pick up: We aim to finish all activities by 4:30pm so please pick up children between 4:30 and 5pm. If you need a later pick up this is available up to 6pm for a charge of £10/day


£30/day/child or £145/week/child.
£28/day/sibling or £135/week/sibling*
Discount is for the second and third child, i.e. first child cost £30 and further children cost £28 each.
Discount is only for siblings not friends or cousins.
Second or third week is charged at £135.
Includes lunch and snacks. (see below for details)


We have an online booking form for each week. Parents can only book and pay for their own child(ren), not relations or friends. A separate booking form must be completed for each child. Email Kevin if unsure.

2017 Easter

Parent Information leaflet - Easter

Booking forms (click on links below, payment details are on the forms)
Week 1: 3rd – 7th April
Week 12: 10th – 13th April

2017 Whit Week

Parent Information leaflet - May Half Term

Booking forms (click on links below, payment details are on the forms)
Week 1: 30th May – 2nd June
Week 2: 5th June – 9th June

2017 Summer Holiday Clubs

Parent Information Leaflet Summer weeks 2017

Booking forms (click on links below, payment details are on the forms)
Week 1: 24th – 28th July
Week 2: 31st July – 4th Aug
Week 3 7th – 11th Aug
Week 4 14th – 18th Aug
Week 5 21st – 25th Aug

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